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This page shows older photographs which have been restored. Be sure to check out the "Family Genealogy Map" that was created for the group portrait at the bottom of this page!

Tip: Printing low resolution files (72dpi) will result in a fuzzy shot. You need the higher resolution (300dpi) for quality prints, but using high resolution shots for the web or email will greatly increase the time to download, view and send. Read more FAQs!

An early color snapshot from the 1930s, color heavily shifted to red.
The completed restoration; Color balanced, detail regained.

An old, very deteriorated baby portrait, and the restored image.

A studio portrait from the early 1900s. Original Size 9 x 12 inches
A complex restoration - detail regained, and restored missing areas on top right and bottom left.

A family portrait from the 1890s, printed crooked, left side missing. Original Size: 3.5 x 4 inches
A very complex restoration; faded content restored, faces retouched, left side recreated.

A professional portrait from the early 1920s, age-shifted to yellow, cracks, scratches, pasted onto disintegrating paperboard. Original Size 9x6 inches. An extensive restoration, returned to b/w, customer wanted shot cropped in to show people, some people restored from faded areas. Also, we created a genealogy "map" overlay, naming those whose identities were known and "linking" them to spouses or children.

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